Humana Health Insurance

Humana Health Insurance


Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Humana health insurance company offers a wide array of insurance products. The plans are accessible in 13 states, including Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Georgia, Arizona, and Alabama. You can also purchase supplemental health plans and life policies.

The company administers the TRICARE program of the Department of Defense for the last 15 years. It supports programs that resolve the healthcare issues faced by many veterans.

In terms of strength, the company is financially stable. The company began as a nursing home. After its inception, though, it has continued to expand its business in the healthcare industry. Currently, it has more than 13 million members. It also includes a network of over 350,000 healthcare providers. Plus, it has over 3,000 hospitals in its network. To obtain quotes and compare rates visit


The Humana Health Insurance Cost

Humana provides a wide array of insurance policies. Because of the variety of products available, you can be sure that you will have a plan that you surely need. In addition to health plans, you can purchase dental insurance, obtain pharmacy services and vision insurance, as well as Medicare and Medicaid policies.

The company’s health plans are available to individuals, seniors, families, self-employed and military personnel. The company wants to change the perception of the public that Humana is not just a health insurance provider. Instead, it is also a provider that encourages its members to live a healthy life.

It offers many health insurance programs that can only be accessed by its members. When you become a member, you can access the plans by logging into your account.

There are several types of health plans you can pick. The most popular ones are HMOs and PPOs. HMOs are limited. However, if you need treatment, you must stick within your plan’s network. Else, the treatment will not be covered.

For PPOs, you can choose to get treated in or out of your network’s plan. However, the out-of-network coverage will only be partial. Hence, if you wish to save money, you must only visit the hospital or use the clinic that belongs to your plan’s network.

The insurer offers traditional indemnity plans. They offer you more flexibility as you can choose a healthcare facility or doctor that you prefer. However, this plan is the most expensive than HMO and PPO.

Personal Nurse Service

It is Humana’s program that allows you to access a nurse on an ongoing basis. It is a type of service for individuals with a serious medical condition, such as diabetes and hypertension.short term health insurance

When you work with a nurse, you study your health goals and know more about your treatment options. With this program, you are better informed about your health and you will have more control over your health.

Although this program aims to help you live a healthier life and manage your condition, it does not replace your doctor. Your nurse will only assist you as you work with your doctor. The nurse will also communicate with your caregivers to give you the best treatment.

As long as you are a Humana member, you will be working with one nurse. Having a personal nurse working with you will assist you in any way, which is useful especially during a medical crisis. The nurse will also help you in managing your symptoms. You will have someone to tell you what to do whenever you encounter some health issues.

What is an Urgent Care Center

It does not work like a hospital’s emergency room. However, it is a useful center where you can go to when you need treatment for your minor illness or injuries.

When you visit such a care center, your treatment will receive special savings. It lowers your copays. The overall healthcare cost here is affordable. You can also save money on medical services, as well as copays. Compared to the cost of an ER visit, an urgent care center is more affordable.

The medical service is also fast. That is, you do not have to schedule an appointment to obtain its services. The waiting time here is shorter than going to an emergency room. When it comes to quality care, it is excellent as the services are managed by nurses and doctors.

Humana members can go to an urgent care center if your illness is minor. However, if your condition is life-threatening or it is a serious medical event, you should visit the nearest hospital.

Whenever you need a non-emergency medical service, the ideal option is to visit your primary care doctor. He can look into your medical history and medications to treat you better. However, you cannot call him after office hours. Thus, if you need treatment after those hours, you should consider going to an urgent care center of Humana.


Choosing an In-Network Provider

You can start by finding a doctor that you can partner with to know more about your options. The doctors and hospitals that belong to your network offer a reduced rate.Humana offers enhanced web features to help you find a doctor that belongs to your plan’s network. Its find a doctor tool is easy to use to help you locate the right family doctor within your network. This type of doctor is cheaper than getting a regular physician. As you use a PCP, you can guarantee that your healthcare is monitored by one person.


Finding Medical Help When You Travel

It is difficult to get medical help as you travel away from home. However, if you need treatment when you travel, call the company’s customer support first to choose a provider in your plan’s network. When picking a Humana health insurance, you should know its limits and exclusions first. Apart from health plans, this insurer offers vision and dental policies. You should also know that these plans have waiting periods.short term health insurance

Applying for a Humana health plan requires verification of your eligibility. Keep in mind that you cannot purchase a health plan if you are not a US citizen. If you are incarcerated or in jail, then you cannot shop for a Humana health plan.

There are many Humana health insurance options you can find. But you must study them all to pick the right plan based on your healthcare needs and budget.